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Buckcherry at the Wall Street Theater

Twenty years ago, hard-rock act Buckcherry arrived on the scene like a runaway train barreling through the nu-metal din of the late ’90s.

Looking back on the platinum group’s success, which includes hits “Lit Up,” “For the Movies,” “Crazy Bitch” and “Sorry,” Buckcherry singer Josh Todd said it’s been a memorable uphill battle.

“We’ve had longevity in a business where we kind of have been the black sheep of rock ’n’ roll since we started,” said Todd, calling from Los Angeles. “We’ve never been a mainstream act. We didn’t come up when rock was all booming in the ‘80s. Our first album was released in 1999 during the rap-rock era and the nerd rock going on.

“We came out with a song called ‘Lit Up’ and just kind of created our own little niche in the rock game.”

Speaking of “Lit Up,” these days the kids are calling things that are cool and exciting “lit.” So in a way, Buckcherry could be considered responsible for creating a slang term.

“I know — it’s so funny; I tell my daughter that all of the time,” Todd said. “She thinks I’m just so lame. I told her, ‘You know, I wrote a song called “Lit Up.”’ She just thinks that it’s nonsense and that I don’t even know what I’m talking about.”

One thing that Todd does know is whether rock, as it is widely reported, is truly dead. The Grammy Award-nominated singer opined that while rock isn’t necessarily dead, there is something missing.

He noted that rock radio and active radio formats refuse to take chances on new artists who are pushing the genre into different and creative areas.

“When I listen to the radio there are no dynamics between bands, there are no rock stars,” Todd said. “Naturally, people just go elsewhere where they can find rock stars and where it’s reckless and dangerous.

“I listen to a lot of hip-hop because I think it’s just interesting and crazy,” he added. “There are no rules. Those artists are doing a lot of crazy (expletive). That used to be rock. There’s nothing dangerous about rock ’n’ roll anymore. That’s why we continue to put out what I feel is very unique rock ’n’ roll to the market. We also continue to build our fanbase by doing what we do best -- playing live.”

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