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Cold is bringing their American rock sound to Norwalk

In 2000, amid all the angst of the “nu-metal” movement led by Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Korn and the like, a band called Cold hit it big with a record titled 13 Ways to Bleed Onstage.

The band, fronted by Scooter Ward, hit gold status with the album on the strength of singles such as “No One,” “Just Got Wicked” and “End of the World,” landed on various movie soundtracks, toured as part of big-ticket metal festivals and were suddenly a viable act on the mainstream rock scene.

The band released a few additional albums, such as 2003’s Year of the Spider (led by the single “Stupid Girl”) and more, but disbanded in 2006 before re-forming in 2009 and now, eight years since the band’s 2011 album Superfiction, Cold has returned once again.

The Things We Can’t Stop was released earlier this month, and is an emotional journey, fronted by Ward and his intriguing lead vocals. Musically, the album is a bit less angst-filled and gloomy than the goth-rock that exemplified the band’s breakout material, but the melodies remain rich, the guitars thick and Ward’s presence the center point of the music.

The single “Without You,” one of the album’s tracks that sounds the most like the band’s older material, has a creepy music video that captures the song’s themes well:

“The song is about doubting blind faith,” Ward said of “Without You.” “The video was created with a horror movie/cult type storyline about a lost soul finding hope in the darkness.”

When bands take significant breaks such as Cold did between albums, the cast of backing musicians behind Ward changing along the way, it can be tough to retain the “signature sound” that first put them on the map — but this new album finds the familiar elements of Cold’s early 2000s-era sound adapted for today’s music climate, with some hopeful songs with important messages, such as the anti-bullying message of the pop/rock-oriented “Shine”:

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