Firefall's Rick Roberts & Larry Burnett
An Evening With...

Rick Roberts

Larry Burnett

All Ages
Firefall's Rick Roberts & Larry Burnett are coming to Norwalk on October 11th!

Rick Roberts: Rick is a 40-year veteran of the rock’n’roll wars. He began his recording career in 1970 with the Flying Burrito Brothers and was a major contributor to their last two albums. He went on to do two solo albums and then form the well-known band Firefall in 1974, with whom he played for seven years during their heyday. He has also been a member of both Stephen Stills and Linda Ronstadt’s bands during his career, and has been awarded two platinum and four gold albums for his efforts.

He has had over 60 of his compositions recorded and performed by such artists as The Burritos, Firefall, Stephen Stills, Linda Ronstadt, Barry Manilow, The Dirt Band, and numerous others. He is the composer of the hit songs “Just Remember I Love You”, “You Are The Woman”, “Strange Way”, “It Doesn’t Matter”, “Livin’ Ain’t Livin”, “Mexico”, “Colorado”, and several more that graced the Top 40 at one time or another.

Larry Burnett: As a 16-year-old in his father’s home in Ventura, California, Larry wrote his first song. 10 years later, “Cinderella” (“one of the most frighteningly beautiful love song ever made”, said one reviewer) was dominating the airwaves around the world as a single release from the debut album from Firefall. Fans were screaming their recognition at the distinctive opening hook of the song that began every Firefall performance for the next 9 years.

Larry Burnett’s songs and singing added a diversity and edginess, as well as an irony in his own observations in affairs of the heart, which broadened the band’s fan base and life span.

Firefall concerts, heavily laden with Burnett’s songs, betrayed the innocence portrayed by the lighter side represented by his songwriting counterpart, Rick Roberts.

Having composed and sung lead on half of the songs that the band recorded, Larry Burnett demonstrated formidable talent and insight into the minds and hearts of millions of music lovers. The songs of Firefall and Larry Burnett have been cited as major influences in the lives and music of such artists as Garth Brooks and Travis Tritt.

The demise of the band in no way affected Larry’s life as a singer/songwriter. Having spent 10 years in the presence of songwriting peers like Michael McDonald, Stephen Stills, Billy Joel and others of the era, Larry Burnett has continued to develop and mature as a songwriter, combining his newly acquired skills and disciplines with his unique spin on life and relationships.

Venue Information:
Wall Street Theater
71 Wall Street
Norwalk, CT, 06850