Norwalk Band & Brew Night

Norwalk Band & Brew Night

Fri · September 14, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:00 pm)


This event is 18 and over

Norwalk Band & Brew Night
Norwalk Band & Brew Night
Norwalk Band & Brew Night
James Mauri and the Black River Stones
James Mauri and the Black River Stones
Blues Rock Trio from New Haven . James Mauri on vocals and guitar wizardry , Joao Joaquim on the low end theory and Pete Wilhoit on the subdivisions.
The year is 2017. The month is June. The day is the 28th.

Well, actually it was at night. So it’s the night of June 28th 2017.
We had just finished our first show together at Foxwoods casino for their annual battle of the bands and although we ultimately didn’t win the contest, it was clear to us that this band really should be a thing. Flash forward one year later and the band is very much a thing, and we couldn’t be happier at how far we’ve come. But how did we get here? Us, the band, we mean - not to be confused with the very existential “why are we here” that has stumped mankind forever. We’re not here to answer that, we’re just four guys who really like playing music. But if you’re curious about our history and what we’re all about, read on!

Fiction started in early 2015 as an original rock & roll trio featuring Joao Joaquim on bass, Chris Siena on drums, and Jimi Mann on vocals and guitars. This early iteration of the band started off with a catalog of Jimi’s original tunes and, almost immediately after recording a demo in May 2015, the band started planning their first full length album. Recording took place in early 2016 and resulted in Firewater Zoo, a 10-track album of blues and rock & roll released on June 4, 2016. That summer the band met future frontman/sexual dynamo Ethan James, who opened for the band many times that summer as an acoustic act. Fiction sought to expand their sound and fellow SCSU alum Matthew Gambardella was brought in to provide lead guitar in February 2017.

The band was beginning to pick up steam with this new lineup and was offered a spot on the aforementioned battle of the bands...but then, DISASTER! The official story given to the press was that, facing mounting pressure from grad school, in April 2017 Jimi decided it was his time to exit the band in order to focus on his studies and his career in educating the youth of the nation. What actually happened was much more...intriguing.

While the band was rehearsing one day, out of nowhere a MIDI-version of Journey’s ‘Separate Ways’ began to play. Suddenly there was a plume of smoke from which emerged Ethan James, draped in naught but a speedo and a smile! Staring in awe, Joao, Chris and Matt had no idea what was going on, but Jimi knew why Ethan had come; to challenge him for the spot of frontman through the ancient ritual of rock, paper, scissors. A fierce three rounds of wit and stamina ensued and despite Jimi’s best efforts, Ethan emerged victorious! That day the band embarked in a new direction. An exciting direction. A...greener direction.

Remember, the band was booked to participate in Foxwoods’ upcoming battle of the bands. This gave them less than two months to create an entirely different sound based on Ethan’s unique sound. The boys set off to work and in those few short weeks, developed a sound that blended ska and reggae with folk and indie rock. It was catchy, infectious even; not unlike the herpes simplex virus. Fiction was ready for battle.

The day of the show came, and the band assembled and embarked on the long journey to the casino. Not renowned for their punctuality, Fiction arrived somewhat late to soundcheck and the sound guy was sure to let them know that their tardiness would count...against them! Not discouraged in the slightest, the boys took to the stage and unveiled their new sound. At the end of the set, after the dust had settled and several members of the crowd had been reunited with their undergarments, it was clear that it would be a crime should the band not continue.

After playing more shows the boys decided it was time to start on a new record to showcase their new sound. Also it’s pretty tough to convince people you’re a real band when your name is Fiction and you sound nothing like the album on your website. Enter Sam Carlson, recording engineer, producer, and all-around cool guy extraordinaire. Tracking began on what would be Fiction’s newest release, The Other F Word, in January 2018. An EP consisting of five original tunes and one cover, The Other F Word was released on April 20th, 2018 and gives listeners an example of what the band sounds, or at least sounded like, at that period in time.

The Other F Word. It's whatever you want it to be! Album artwork by Brent Sweet
Ever the restless bunch of lovable musical scamps, summer 2018 for the Fiction boys is incredibly busy with dates all across Connecticut and expanding to Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Behind the scenes, these boys spend their time practicing, writing new material, and of course, doing other cool band stuff. What does the future hold for this fantabulous foursome? Who knows for sure, but they’re always on the lookout for rad times and new friends so come hang out at a show!

So, that’s our story...for now. Go check out our music if you haven’t already; the links are everywhere on our Facebook page. And be sure to check us out at a show - we’re almost as funny in person as we are on the internet, and on top of that we have all kinds of neat merchandise for you! Bring friends!
F Yeah 🙂
Haunting Titans
Haunting Titans
In late 2016 the idea of Haunting Titans emerged. Starting with just some simple guitar chords eventually the band formed into a crew of dedicated members. In early 2017 with writing steadily rolling and a demo under their belt, Haunting Titans started to play consistent live shows with members Sarah Murphy, Sean Beirne, Nick Guerrera and Robert Scucci. They have played all over their state of Connecticut from New Haven to Hartford, to New London, to Stamford, and many, many other places in between. In the summer of 2017 they were granted the awesome opportunity to be on Comcast’s Channel 10 Public Access Show ‘Live Bands Touring’. On the show they were interviewed on influences, writing, concepts and played a selection of their original songs live. Haunting Titans have also been the featured guest on WPKN’s Radio Show ‘CT ROCKS!’ answering questions about how the band formed and what are the future goals for the group. They have also been lucky to play a handful of local CT music festivals such as Black Rock PorchFest, Blazin’ Vibes Fest and The Underground Parade. Fall 2017 came with both happiness and saddens as The Haunting Titans began recording their full album but also had to say goodbye to their beloved bassist Robert Scucci due to a move. Welcoming their new bassist Robby Madeux they have embraced the change. In 2018 The Haunting Titans plan to release their full first album and continue to expand their reach throughout CT, New England and beyond. You will also find 2 tracks from The Haunting Titans on Volume 3 of ‘It Came from Connecticut” a compilation CD of local CT bands of all genres and walks of life.
Venue Information:
Wall Street Theater
71 Wall Street
Norwalk, CT, 06850